Front-end Optimization

Front-end Optimization

Roughly 80% of page load time happens in the front-end. When that load time is slow, anything from unnecessary JavaScript to hefty images might be to blame—particularly for e-commerce websites, which rely on quality visuals to sell products. A bit of housekeeping to clean code, compress files and photos, reduce external requests, and deploy a content delivery network (CDN) works wonders when you want to serve content quickly and accelerate load time.

Slim down to speed up

E-commerce sites often experience triple the requests of other sites, which can be down to heavyweight JavaScript libraries, integrations with third party vendors, personalized recommendations, and so on. And while these rely on quality images and media to sell products, mammoth file sizes can seriously degrade your speed.

Since the average conversion rate for e-commerce sites is less than 3% and competition is fierce, front-end optimization is your secret weapon in converting customers.

Identify quick wins

We analyze your current load time—actual and perceived—and uncover your bottlenecks and breaking points. Then, armed with a list of high-impact moves, from cache control to lazy loading scripts, we’ll share the recommendations that will polish your user experience and crank up sales.

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