Content Optimization

Content Optimization

Content optimization for performance is part art, part science: it streamlines files for faster loading and employs tricks like lazy loading to save resources. It also requires a considered approach to curating content, particularly from a design perspective. With engaging multimedia and image-heavy pages that load in a flash, content optimization drives traffic, elevates user experience, and boosts sales.

39% of users stop engaging with content when images fail to load or take too long

Content matters

Quality content—words, images, graphics, videos, illustrations, and more—wins wallets. Without it, search engines have nothing to crawl. The better it performs, the higher you rank on results pages (SERPs), making it easier to find. If it’s informative, relevant, and easy to navigate, the more users stick around to buy products or services.

Fast, user-friendly content

Users make snap judgments about whether to stay on your website or leave—you have approx. 2 seconds to grab someone’s attention. While high-quality images sell products, you simply don’t have time for slow-loading visuals. Luckily, by compressing large files, you can accelerate load time without compromising on quality.

Videos engage users, but since file sizes are so large, they’re guilty of causing performance issues. Content optimization helps you choose the best formats and apply compression best practices to ensure you’re always delivering an efficient and compelling customer experience.

Your content toolkit

As your content optimization partner, we select the best content optimization tools from various vendors to optimize text and monitor your content for efficient, speedy delivery. The right tools ensure your users enjoy high-quality images in the correct format and size for various browsers, including:

  • Automatically select images in the correct size and format on any device or browser
  • Lightening the load on the servers by compressing images, configuring CDN and browser cache, and various optimization web applications
  • Serving images rapidly with image optimization
  • Decreasing page load time by using smaller image sizes and lazy loading

With your tools in place, we’ll arm you with actionable recommendations from the perfect pixel size for your images to the correct image formats to use across different browsers.

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