Competitor Benchmarking

Competitor Benchmarking

How do you stack up against your competitors? Things change quickly online, trends come and go, and windows of opportunity are short-lived. Competitor benchmarking unearths a mother lode of insights into your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses—giving your team a serious advantage when prioritizing efforts and resources.

Outsmart your opponent

Any sports coach will tell you it’s not enough to be the fittest on the field. Margins of difference are slim at the top; a win could boil down to how well you know your opponent. The same is true when enhancing your web performance.

Understanding where competitors have the edge is the quickest way to know where to make impactful changes on your site. And you can measure a lot: uptime, downtime, image size, speed index, you name it. And since performance is a ranking factor for Google search engine results pages (SERPS), it’s crucial for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Learn from the best in class

Of all your competitors, who performs best? What are they doing to achieve stellar performance, and how can you learn from them? What action plan do you need to put in place to win the race if you want to compete? An in-depth analysis of competitor performance gives you greater insight into what it takes to achieve your goals.

Keep it simple, stay focused

We help you put the right metrics in place to temperature-test your performance against the competition to contrast:

  • Growth: How does your performance measure up against your competitors?
  • Rankings: How does your performance impact your Google search engine rankings?

Competitor benchmarking is a great way to give context to the broader industry landscape. It also gives you the chance to adopt best practices and spot emerging market and traffic trends—all essential when adjusting, amplifying, and monitoring your web performance strategy.

How we do it

Competitor benchmarking begins by considering several important parameters, such as:

  • Methodology: Synthetic data or Chrome UX (CrUX) report data
  • Geography: Where to run the test or derive data
  • Device: Desktop, mobile, tablet
  • Speed: Connection, latency, and packet loss
  • Performance metrics: Choose from a range of performance metrics and page weight values

In the ‘adapt or die world’ of e-commerce, competitor benchmarking elevates your ability to differentiate—the secret sauce in your web performance strategy.

Competitor intelligence reports

Choose daily, weekly, monthly, or one-off reports that capture a snapshot or track competitor performance over a long period. Go deeper by adding optimization analysis to address technical issues, such as why one site or page performs faster than another. Custom reports provide essential insight for operational and senior leadership teams that want to optimize their web strategy.

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