Strategic Review

Strategic Review

Every site and app has its breaking point—what’s yours? Consider how it might handle 60,000 mobile users in one hit. Where are bottlenecks blocking sales? Is one server doing the heavy lifting and at risk of collapse? Using focused load and capacity metrics, we’ll test your site under normal and flood conditions to establish potential problems and opportunities for growth.

In short, load testing reviews the day to day, finding bottlenecks and bad code that might be derailing your user journey. Capacity testing simulates a flood of traffic to take your site to its limits. Together they measure the following to reveal opportunities to meet demand:

  • Responsiveness
  • Stability
  • Scalability
  • Reliability
  • Speed
  • Resource usage (including CPU, memory, disk, and network interface)

Architectural and strategic review

After assessing your current load test setup, we work with you and your team to identify the measurement tools needed to audit your site performance successfully.

Our initial assessment covers the following:

  • Maturity model evaluation according to industry best practice
  • Vendor/tools review and selection for performance testing
  • Strategies for performance test modeling and scaling in pre-production environments
  • Load test sizing review and recommendations
  • Review of analytics data and user journey scenarios to more accurately simulate customer behavior
  • Reporting output review and enhancements

Load testing

By reviewing your analytics to establish a baseline, we’ll run a scalability test over a defined period to test your site under normal and tiered conditions. Metrics we might monitor include:

  • Average number and frequency of page visits
  • The start to finish user journey: who’s looking at products, how many are loaded into carts, and how many carts are abandoned versus those that reach the checkout?

We then put together scenarios of those behaviors and agree on the ideal scale of the tests we need to conduct. Rest assured, we always allow for an additional 20% of your usual peak activity to ensure you’re well covered during those peak times.

Capacity testing

New product launches, marketing campaigns, Black Friday—what happens if you receive a deluge of traffic overnight? No warm-up, just pure unbridled demand. Can you handle it? We simulate flash sales, throwing hundreds of thousands of simulated users at your site to find its limits.

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