Scripting & Test Execution

Scripting & Test Execution

Armed with scenarios and targets, load scripts simulate user behavior so that you can follow the customer journey and identify weak spots. They also help speed load time and rendering. Having valuable metrics that show how your website responds to different situations in real-time enables you to prioritize your most urgent optimization tasks.

With decades of experience under our belts, we’ve worked with every scripting tool under the sun, including JMeter, LoadRunner, and Akamai Cloudtest. We also dab hands at scripting multi-step journeys and partnering with engineers and quality assurance teams to overcome thorny scripting challenges.

Our scripting capabilities include:

  • Single and multi-step scripting
  • Setup and management of complex data stores and script parameterization
  • Random journey traversal
  • Component specific performance testing
  • Application Programming Interfaces (API) performance testing
  • CI/CD pipeline performance test setup
  • Environment
  • Use of think time/wait time
  • Conditional and branching logic
  • Response validation

Once scripts are built, we work side by side with your team to execute load test scripts, including out of hours load testing in staging and production environments.

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