CDN Configuration Audit

CDN Configuration Audit

Managing content delivery can be tricky, not least because you have to account for so many different parameters. For example, a 10MB video will require you to think about how it will be compressed, delivered, and reshaped. A CDN configuration audit ensures your network is firing on all cylinders, serving rich, dynamic content at high speed, handling whatever traffic comes your way, and blocking bots and spam.

Our CDN audits could include the following:

  • Caching and offload review and strategies
  • Cache invalidation strategy review
  • Cache key review and optimization
  • Multi-tier caching
  • Dynamic content caching
  • Acceleration techniques including Prefetch, Preconnect and automated FEO (frontend optimization)
  • DNS setup and resiliency
  • SSL/TLS setup and management
  • HTTP protocol usage
  • Signalling for 3xx/4xx/5xx responses
  • Compression techniques
  • Image and Video optimization and management
  • Regional caching strategies (including Russia and China)
  • Cache offload reporting
  • Waiting room setup and operating procedures
  • Edge compute strategies
  • Bot Management (inc Akamai Bot Manager, Shape Security, PerimeterX)
  • API management
  • Real User Monitoring (RUM) setup
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