Caching Workshop

Caching Workshop

Caching frequently accessed images, objects, and data on browsers and servers is an easy way to improve performance, scalability, and security. But identifying which elements to cache—and how often they need updating—is a challenge for many dynamic sites. While product pages may require hourly attention, image listings may remain static for up to a year.

Our caching workshop helps you figure out how best to cache content across your site for optimal performance.

Deliver efficiently, boost site speed

Consumer-facing sites are becoming increasingly complex, making them vulnerable to slow load times when web pages are refreshed. Caching content saves time by avoiding the need for a hard refresh every time.

In a caching workshop, you’ll learn about the different types of caching, including static and dynamic caching, refresh strategies, cache invalidation techniques, and other ways to refine your caching strategy.

Together, we’ll review every piece of content—from images to scripts—and devise a caching strategy that will speed up your site performance.

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