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3% 401k Employer Contribution
100 % Medical Coverage on Day 1
20 Days Of Vacation

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Working collaboratively, we're here to support you and your team in all of your web performance and optimization needs.

Christy Sanders Christy Sanders

HR Manager

Sheerin Aswat Sheerin Aswat

Program Manager

John Reynolds John Reynolds

Performance Analyst

Kristiana Reed Kristiana Reed

Performance Analyst

Sarah Aparicio Sarah Aparicio

Business Analyst

Eli Williamson Eli Williamson

Performance Engineer

Fiann O'Hagan Fiann O'Hagan

Performance Architect

Fraser Kemp Fraser Kemp

Performance Engineer

Viktor Gagaleski Viktor Gagaleski

Performance Engineer

Xander Stephens Xander Stephens

Performance Engineer

Aymon Jaffer Aymon Jaffer


Rich Howard Rich Howard

Founder & CEO

Richard Young Richard Young

Director, Load Test Engineering

Biz Wolkeba Biz Wolkeba

Performance Engineer

Joe Zhou Joe Zhou

Principal Performance Engineer

Umar Masood Umar Masood

Senior Performance Engineer

Akamai Rigor Splunk Speedcurve Dynatrace New Relic Quantum Metric Fastly Cloudflare Amazon Cloudfront Pagerduty

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