Leslie Martinez

Leslie Martinez

Project Manager


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Project Manager with our front-end performance team Leslie is the Swiss Army Knife of all things project-related. With her newly minted ScrumMaster skills, she fosters a supportive, productive environment for the team. Leslie believes the key to success is identifying and leveraging your weaknesses and strengths and improving your skillset daily. As Dory says in Finding Nemo, “Just keep swimming,” but in this case, just keep learning.

Leslie began her IT journey more than 15 years ago at CompUSA, where she facilitated repairs and warranties. While there, she returned to school. When CompUSA closed—and after a brief foray into tech support for a bank—Leslie worked her way from support roles to project management at the University of Oklahoma. Her focus was bridging the communication gaps between IT and other departments, helping opposing teams find alignment and value in collaboration to achieve a shared vision. She later became a Security Analyst working in governance, risk, and compliance for the same institution.

Leslie‘s career path has been winding and full of surprises, but it’s given her the chance to build serious networking and relationship skills, which she puts to excellent use every day.

Before becoming a mother, Leslie won two gold medals (one bronze) as part of a corporate rowing team and enjoyed running half marathons. She now spends her downtime chicken herding with the family (luckily for Leslie, they’re peaceful little dinosaurs), although the outdoors still calls. It’s where she’s most at peace.

Bucket list destination:

Iceland. Enthusiastic foodie Leslie is keen to sample the delights of Iceland’s booming food scene. That and the northern lights, the country’s dramatic natural beauty, museums, and Viking history. Oh, and did she mention the food?