Richard Young

Richard Young

Director, Load Test Engineering


Boulder, Colorado


With over 20 years of technology leadership under his belt, Richard oversees strategy, design, and infrastructure delivery for our e-commerce and enterprise applications. He partners with IT and business leaders to define a technical roadmap that will maximize business objectives. Richard builds and leads high-performing teams specializing in Performance Testing with an additional focus on DevOps, On-Prem, Cloud, Edge Delivery, and project & program management.

Avid outdoor enthusiast Richard spends his downtime biking, hiking, snowshoeing, and skiing the American West. He briefly had an office at the base terminal of a ski lift and skied for 125 days that season. Richard is also a former certified Executive Chef and still experiments in the kitchen to the delight of his wife and neighbors. You might want to wrangle yourself an invite.

Formerly an international member of the Akamai UX Customer Advisory Board, Richard participates in several DevOps and web performance groups.


B.S, Electrical Engineering, Iowa State University

Bucket list destination:

Norway and Sweden. Richard has yet to make it that far north but would love to visit the islands, islets, and skerries of these coastal communities.

Last supper guest list (dead or alive):

  1. Martin Luther King, Jr. (as the modern pioneer of equality)
  2. Bono (philanthropist and the evening’s entertainment)
  3. Marie Curie (an incredible scientist with the ability to guardrail any wild accusations)
  4. James Madison (to understand what the US Constitution authors meant for the 2nd Amendment)
  5. Winston Churchill—reputedly a great drunk—for his perspective and quotes for posterity

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