Kurt Shiple

Kurt Shiple

Performance Analyst


Fort Lauderdale, Florida


As an aid to Optimal’s Front End Performance team, Kurt uses analytical software and applications to prepare reports and evaluate where opportunities exist for clients to improve their site design. A Python pro, he also employs Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to automate the analysis, management, and collection of website performance data for clients like Lululemon and Estée Lauder.

Outside of work, Kurt is an avid golfer. He admits that he tends to overread his putts and is busy patching that up.

Bucket list destination:

Le Mont-Saint-Michel, a medieval walled city built atop a small granite outcrop in the flats of an estuary near Normandy, France. Kurt’s a sucker for medieval architecture and tourist traps, so it was inevitable that this charming spot would top his list.

Last supper guest list (dead or alive):

A huge history fan, Kurt’s last supper guests (definitely not alive) include

  1. Cyrus The Great,
  2. Alexander Hamilton,
  3. Ben Franklin,
  4. William The Conqueror,
  5. The Duke of Wellington