Eli Williamson

Eli Williamson

Performance Engineer


Johnson City, Tennessee


Multi-talented Eli is the project manager (and engineer) for our new A/B/X (multivariate) testing line. He’s also responsible for designing and developing the Optimal website and conducting performance testing for various key clients.

Before joining Optimal, Eli owned and ran a small digital agency named DUSK, specializing in high-performance marketing websites. Earlier in his career, he worked for a series of coast-to-coast agencies with a range of clients, from startups to global brands. Navigating the performance challenges of companies small and large enabled Eli to build a wealth of knowledge that he now applies to his role at Optimal.

Outside of work, Eli loves to fish—daily if possible. From his base in the mountains, he bikes the local trails in the fall, snowboards during the winter months, and spends spring days whitewater kayaking and rafting. An outdoor adventure and travel nut, Eli is a fan of anything that enables him, his wife, and two beautiful kids to get outside, so he’s a dab hand at fixing up vintage campers like Airstreams and VW buses.

Favorite color:

If forced to choose just one from an earthy, autumnal color palette, it would be burnt orange.

Favorite animal:

Sea turtles (Ask Eli about the time he swam with one)

Bucket list destination:

Mars. Eli would love to be one of the first to establish humans as an interplanetary species. If restricted to our current planet, he’d choose the south of France or Greece. Or Bangkok or Tokyo.

Last supper guest list (dead or alive):

Elon Musk, Salvador Dali, Eli’s Grandpa, Siddhartha, Totoro (of My Neighbor Totoro fame. Because who wouldn’t want a massive fluff ball to fly them around the world?)

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  • PSEOP (with a focus on design fundamentals), College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning, University of Cincinnati
  • B.A., Interactive Multimedia, Scripps College of Visual Communication, Ohio University


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