Aymon Jaffer

Aymon Jaffer

Account Director


Los Angeles & London


LA-based Aymon oversees project delivery across the company, having joined Optimal in 2018. He takes care of business development for existing clients and leads our team of analysts and engineers. He’s equally at home in the weeds honing processes and procedures as he is strengthening alliances between external vendors and partners.

Aymon’s not always led a life of glamor. He started out in his teens washing cars, delivering newspapers, and working in retail. He turned entrepreneur in the late 90s, buying and selling on eBay for a profit. Selling repaired cell phones pretty much bankrolled him through university.

In 2004, Aymon landed his first job at Fujitsu Services, where he worked his way through the ranks before moving on to a voice-to-text start-up to deliver integration services to large companies. Over the years, he’s rolled out banking payment systems and launched customer experience-focused websites for a European publishing company. As a Vodafone program consultant, Aymon delivered new online capabilities to over 20 global markets before stepping away to help grow small tech companies.

Arsenal fan Aymon would be the first to say he’s had a colorful life. The man played soccer with Cristiano Ronaldo. He has serious social skills and more stories than you can shake a stick at. Ask Aymon about the time he extracted his mother from a war zone. Honestly, never a dull moment. He’s also passionate about volunteering, be it feeding the homeless or teaching his nieces during lockdown (a six-month stint that’s given him a newfound respect for teachers).


B.A., International Business with Finance

Favorite color:

Red. Blood red, not Ferrari red, to be clear

Favorite animal:

Any bird. Aymon is an avid twitcher so spends most of his time chasing birds (mostly feathery ones)

Bucket list destination:

Antarctica. For the penguins, not the weather

Last supper guest list (dead or alive):

Aside from family members who’ve passed, Aymon would invite

  1. Bernie Sanders
  2. Tony Robbins
  3. 2Pac
  4. Al Pacino
  5. Ibn Sina

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